Baba Ijesha denied bail, to remain in detention till 13th July, 2021

A magistrate court sitting in Lagos State, Nigeria on Wednesday, 17th June, 2021 has extended the detention period of the Nollywood actor Olarenwaju James AKA Baba Ijesha till 13th July, 2021 when he will appear at an high court for his trial.

His counsel had approached the magistrate court to hear his case, after his client could not meet with the bail conditions granted him in May, 2021.

The Magistrate, P. Nwaka, in his ruling, said the actor’s case is already being handled by a higher court of jurisdiction and so could not be treated in the magistrate court.

The case has suffered a setback for two months owing to the strike embarked on by JUSUN.

As a result of his health condition, the judicial authorities in Lagos had granted Baba Ijesha Bail with some condition on May, 14 when the state had embarked on prison decongestion, but the actor could not meet up all the bail conditions.

The police had arrested BabaIjesha after a Nigerian comedienne Princess reported a case of alleged sexual assault on her sister who is a minor living with her.

Princess alleged that her sister later opened up to her what had eelier transpired, and they together immediately planned out a strategy on how to get an evidence to nail Baba Ijesha.

They planted CCTV camera in the house and invited Baba Ijesha to the house.

“In two seconds when I left the house, he checked everywhere in my house to make sure nobody was in and the children were asleep she said.

Princess alleged that it was during that moment Baba Ijesha was caught on camera trying to have carnal knowledge of her sister, as he used to do before.

Until her sister then stood up to go pick something from the kitchen, then they all came in with the police to arrest him.

Baba Ijesha’s case had become an high profiled case as so many prominent citizens, celebrities and actor had interest in the case as they wanted justice to be served.

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