“Is clear to me that in APC, there’s no plans or future for innovative youth” – Adamu Garba II says as he apologises to Nigerian youths, removes APC flag from office (Tweet)

The CEO of Crowwe, Adamu Garba II, who recently dumped the All Progressives Congress, APC, after collecting donations running into millions of naira for his presidential ambition has revealed he is departing APC because things are getting worse rather than getting better, affirming ‘there’s no plans or future for innovative youth’ in the ruling party.

Garba, who had confidently told the APC National Leader, Alhaji Bola Hammed Tinubu, that he (as a youth) would defeat him in presidential primary elections, has now tendered an apology to Nigerian youths as he admitted bowing out of the presidential race for three different reasons.

“I’m a radical patriotic Nigerian and can’t stand anything that threatens the stability and security of this country, I had such high hopes that things will eventually get better, even as it get worst, and I do not accept anything that could truncate our democracy & freedom” he said.

Noting that he was wrong in some ways because things did not get better in the country, but rather getting worse, he admitted that the APC has no plans or future for innovative youth.

He also anchored his departure to over-financialisation of the political atmosphere, explaining “In a third world country where money is generated from natural resources & not human brains, once financialised, there will be no incentive for human lives to get better. Resource will be the focus of leaders”.

Revealing what seemed to be a master game-plan of the APC caucus, Garba inferred that politicians have resolved , to some extent, that it was better for people to keep dying and giving up on the country than to live and stay here, explaining, “The more they die or suffer or vacate the country, the less competition and pressure on the resources. That’s why our leaders don’t care…”

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