“Make money before you love ❤️” – Portable advises public, says he is ‘Money making machine’

Raving Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola (aka, Portable) has reiterated the need to acquire money before considering going into any love matters, noting that no poor man has a brother.

The Zazuu singer, who is at the present on tour of the United Kingdom after which he would go to Turkey, also referred to himself as ‘money making machine’ in a post he shared on his social media accounts.

In the first post before announcing his new song ‘Money Before Love’, the Dr. Zeh wrote “Expensive Niggu OG before IG ZAzuu Virus 🦠 let’s talk about money make money before you love ❤️ Poor man no get brother”.

Then in a follow up post just hours after announcing the new song, while still on his UK tour, the Kala master revealed he is shutting down in Manchester, noting “Turkey next stop 🔜 Dr Zeh Nation 🇬🇧 Money making machine ZAzuu Bizza Bizza”.

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