Mr Macaroni pleads to Nigeria Police, Lagos govt after getting death threats for speaking about Lekki Tollgate

Popular comedian, Mr Macaroni has shared an online threat he received for speaking up about the re-introduction of Lekki toll fares The funnyman said the threat is one of the many he got as he appealed to the Nigeria Police and the Lagos state government In the threat message, the person referred to Mr Macaroni as unpatriotic and wondered what business he has with the Lekki Tollgate

Nigerian comedian, Mr Macaroni has shared one of the many death threats he receives for constantly speaking up against the re-introduction of fares at the Lekki tollgate. The comedian took to his Twitter page to share a screenshot of a message he got from someone who vowed to kill him on sight.

The person wondered what business Mr Macaroni has with the Lekki tollgate and predicted that he might lose his life because of the foolishness.

In response to the threat, the comedian shared a screenshot and appealed to the appropriate authorities:

Mr Macaroni replies troll who asks what if he has a business with Lekki tollgate

In a related development, VOSTVNAIJA reported that Mr Macaroni engaged a Twitter user, Omotunde who felt he has no business talking about the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC).

Omotunde wondered why he is spearheading a crusade after the comedian had shared a report about the updates from the meeting between Lekki Estate Residents and the LCC.

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