Nigerian Man Who Wants to Travel From London to Lagos on Bike Reaches Spain, Covers 702km Out of 12000km

  • A Nigerian man, Kunle Adeyanju, has reached Spain in his 25-day journey from London to Lagos using a power bike
  • Kunle revealed that the second day of his trip was fraught with bad weather as it was freezingly cold
  • Many Nigerians who reacted to his post praised him while some joked that they would love to travel with him when he is going back to London

The Nigerian man, Kunle Adeyanju, who set out to cover the long distance between London and Lagos on a bike has given an update on his journey.

In a post on Wednesday, April 20, the man said he has covered 720 km so far on his Day two journey as he travelled from Bourges in France to Girona in Spain.

The man is determined

He revealed that the second day of his charity ride was very difficult as the weather was quite unfriendly.

Kunle said that he experienced freezing weather with very strong wind. Despite the difficulty the journey posed, the rider was happy it took him to a monumental place like Millau Viaduct, a structure that has a height of 336.4m (1,104ft).

See his post below:

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