Nigerians Arrest Thief, Force Him to Show How He Entered Apartment Through Window, Stunning Video Goes Viral

  • A video has shown the moment an alleged thief was apprehended by Nigerians for breaking into an apartment and given an assignment
  • The alleged thief was forced to demonstrate how he gained access to the apartment through a very narrow window using his head
  • Those present at the scene were stunned as the suspect climbed the window and entered the apartment through the pigeon-hole

A suspected thief has demonstrated what many Instagram users have called “rare talent” when he was seen gaining access into an apartment through a small window.

The suspect was forced to show just how he entered a building through a window that compares in size with a pigeon-hole.

How he did it

To the astonishment of those present, the man entered the building, crawling like a snake and perching like Spider-man.

He first climbed the wall like a spider, then entered the window with his legs first, then his head followed last.

The video seen on Instagram has left many people completely speechless even as some referred to him as a talented man.

Those present were shocked as they utter words of surprise at how the man gained access to the building.

There was a handcuff dangling from his hand, indicating that law enforcement agencies have been involved in the case.

Watch the video below:

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