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The following ten bedroom mistakes Nigerians men usually make is the reason why they do not have a warm and lasting relationship with their women. Women hate these mistakes.

1. Being Selfish

This is one major area Nigerian men are highly deficient and it is really telling on them, except if she is a hookup girl who just come in because of the money. Nigerian men should understand that sex is give and give. It is not give and take. So, they should not be thinking only about themselves and the pleasure they are going to get in the act. On social media, women make constant mockery of men who spend two seconds and they are done. You are likely to lose your relationship if you continue in such a gross level of nonchalance in the bedroom. Women are not mostly bitter about this 2-seconds of a thing because Nigerian men doze off immediately they are done, selfishly leaving the woman in their life to sort themselves out. Well, majority of Nigerian ladies are moralists. They feel that it is the abuse of the body (which is commonly considered as the temple of God) to masturbate or indulge in any kind of self-pleasuring.

2. Shifting From One Sexual Position To Another

I think pornography is a contributor to this. Many young Nigerian men are addicted to pornography. And pornography feeds them with fantasies, and as soon as they catch any girl who agrees to go down with them, they would be eager to try out those positions they have watched in porn. But real sex and porn are two worlds apart. Real women who are not acting for the camera do not need to try all the positions in a Kama Sutra. By you shifting too fast, while a woman is trying to get into a rhythm, you lose her in her journey to orgasm or anything close. Most times, less is more. You do not need to show women 10 different position. It does not make you more of a man. Try one position and stick to it, maybe after some minutes, you can try something else. But not too fast.

3. Too Aggressive With The Breasts

The breasts is one of the erogenous zones in the body of a woman. Yet, it can be a zone that, if not we’ll handled, could turn a woman off. Again, pornography has ruined the perception of Nigerian men when it comes to the breasts. In pornographic videos they see the actor pinching the nipples or squeezing the breasts so aggressively. However, in the real world that could make a woman swear never to have anything to do with you again, because it hurts. If you are too aggressive, your woman may end up being sore in that area. A man should be able to read the body of her woman. You should be able to know at what point you need to go bite a nipple and how hard.

4. Being Too Gentle

You may be like, ‘Where you not the way that just criticized us of being too aggressive? Now you are saying we should not be too gentle.’ I am sorry. If you are engaging something heterosexual, the man is expected to be dominant, to be manly. Because if you are not manly, it will leave the woman feeling like you are not man enough. Again, I am sorry. But women are wired to feel the manliness in a heterosexual relationship. For example, it is a terrible mistake to ask a woman for permission before turning her around or doing any other thing in the bedroom for that matter. It is a feminine trait to be too soft in the bedroom. So this is more like taking control, taking the initiative, being in charge.


5. No Foreplay

I think this is the worst bedroom mistake a Nigerian man commonly make in the bedroom. And unfortunately, it is the worst thing you can ever do to a real woman. In fact, it is disrespectful to not explore the body of a woman, turn her on, before trying to bang her. For crying out loud she is not some kind of hookup girl. She is your girlfriend or wife. So put in the work. I am not saying quickies should be completely erased out of sexual life. There are some point you need to jump into the act, but it should never be an everyday thing.

6. Having A Bushy Pubic Hair / Stinky

Many Nigerian men want their penis and set of balls to be sucked, but they do not put in the work to clean it properly. These are the same set of men that would accuse women of being so smelly down there. The truth is, there is nothing sexy about keeping pubic hair. Amongst other things, it actually makes your penis look way smaller.

7. Pushing A Woman Past Her Comfort Zone

Nigerian men need to read this one carefully because it is very important. Many Nigerian women, deep down, do not want to be with you. The reason is because they are not comfortable with you. You make them feel some sort of torture when they should instead be engaging in something pleasurable. They might just do it or pretend they enjoy it since the society preaches feminine submission and forbearance, but any little opportunity they have, they would leave your life like a thunderbolt. This is where communication is invaluable. Apart from being able to read the room. You should be able to initiate a frank conversation about what she really likes or dislike in the bedroom. Some women are not kinky or woke to try anal or oral sex. I know you do not want to push them past her comfort zone and you do not want her to go cold turkey on you. There are things you might, which you think is fun to you, but degrading to her. For example, some Nigerian women mat feel dirty if you call them slut or bitch or if you use the F-word while making love. I know you are trying to be the bad guy you see in blue films, but hey, it is a terrible mistake to make in the bedroom.

8. Bragging About Your Sexual Exploits Delivering

This is the craziest thing Nigerian men do. Women are bombarded with tales of how they can be made to squirt and beg for more in the bedroom. And they most times believe it is true, only to be disappointed time and again. Do not be that man! It is better to keep your mouth shut and hopefully over-deliver than being an empty braggart.

I need to quote a popular Facebook influencer in this one. She wrote,

“An average man cannot satisfy an average woman, without sex enhancers.

Every woman needs at least two men to be able to achieve orgasm. But most men live in their bubbles. They exaggerate their sexual capacities. That is why you would meet a man who would brag about how he would break your waist. Then give him the waist to break and he would sleep off after 90 seconds. And then you would have to wait another full moon for him to fight out another erection. And these creatures, despite their underperformance with one or half a woman would still aspire for more than one woman or brag about their imagined exploits.”

9. Make Some Noise

Men generally want to hear their women moan or utter some words that show that they find the act pleasurable. It goes for men too. You should not go dumb in the bedroom. Learn how to moan or utter some words. If you cannot moan, grunt but do not be a piece of log vibrating on top of a woman. It makes her feel like she is not satisfying you, the same you feel if she is just lying on her back like some dummy. I am not saying you should say those nasty things you hear those adult movies actors say on porn set, I am saying that you should be in the moment, and you should also be expressive.


There is a common proverb that says, “One man food is another man’s poison.” It applies to what happen in the bedroom too. Few women might like some or all of these points I labelled as bedroom mistakes. However, you are very much unlikely to meet these few women because their number in Nigeria is almost infinitesimal. This does not mean that there are not some times when a woman would want you to be very gentle and passive. This does not mean there are not at times when a woman would want you to treat her like a slut. Mind you, these events are infrequent and that is the reason why you should be very careful.

The secret to upping your game is learning to be observant and communicative. If your woman is cringing, do not persist. Know that it is hurting her and stop.

Never allow what you hear men talk about or what you watch in movies map out your sexual life. Every woman is unique. Your ex lover might be wild and crazy in the bedroom, she might have encouraged you to treat her in a degrading way. But you should not make the mistake of thinking all women would love that. So for you to be successful in the bedroom, you need to relax and take ample time to understand what makes your woman tick. It will set you apart from other men she had encountered and you will be winning.

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