The Church of Pentecost celebrate honest Taxi Driver member in Ghana for returning passenger’s GHS 8,400.00, gets GHS 20,000.00 from Ghanaian Vice President

The Church of Pentecost has joined the world to celebrate one of their members, Kwesi Ackon, a Ghanaian who works as a taxi driver, for returning a sum of GHS 8,400.00 to an elderly market trader who sells fish at the Mallam Atta Market in Accra (the capital of Ghana).

Reports claim that Ackon, who worships at the Onyametease Assembly in the Kokomlemle District of The Church of Pentecost, conveyed the elderly woman from the market to her residence on Easter Friday, and in the process, the woman forgot her apron in Ackon’s vehicle.

Ackon was said to have stumbled on the apron and the money the following day, then brought the matter to his wife after which they, jointly, agreed to return the money.

According to the Church of Pentecost, the old woman was already crying for her lose when Ackon surfaced with the money intact. Howbeit, the whole community gathered to witness the retun as the elderly woman kept praying over Ackon for his good deeds.

Ackon’s deeds first became known after Ghanaian freelance journalist, Manasseh Azure, interviewed him. This was followed by a donation of GHS 20,000.00 from the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia: the old woman also donated a sum of GHS 500.00 (for fuel).

The Church of Pentecost has described Ackon’s action as a proof that their agenda of ‘Possessing the Nations’ for Christ by influencing every sphere of society with Kingdom values and principles – is on the right path.

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