“This is also a joke I suppose. As a serving personnel, you should be exempted from NYSC” – Fans react after Cute Abiola reveals he is observing NYSC in Kaduna

Despite posting in his National Youth Service Corps, NYSC’s) khaki and making a promise to give his monthly N33k to those in need, some fans of Nigerian social media skit maker, Abdulgafar Ahmad (aka, Cute Abiola) are still not sure their favourite is not playing pranks on them.

Abiola, who is a personnel of the Nigerian Navy, recently shared a picture on his social media handle with a caption that reads, “kaduna Copper ( Alhamdulilah )”.

In a follow-up post which he made in the comments section, Cute Abiola promised to give his allowance to anyone who might convince him to be in need of it most, saying “Who wants my allawee? What can 33k do for you  Oya oooo tell me I am waiting”.

However, some of his pessimistic fans are in doubt that this could be true.

Read some of their comments below:

Oláoyè Emma Látáyò, questioning the truthfulness of the post, said This is also a joke I suppose. As a serving personnel, you should be exempted from NYSC”.

Onyenalu Isaac-Dafe Onyenenue, also not sure of the authenticity of the post, affirmed “Congratulations, I thought you were already serving Nigeria in the Navy”.

Ameh Onuche Fred, stylishly in doubt, opined “Otondo… You sure say you go serve? Under the sun and in the rain is the promise oo… Congratulations anyways”.

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