Woman Gives Car to Mechanic to Fix, Comes Back to See Everything Has Turned Dirty & Bad, Laments in Video

  • A woman who had a problem with her gear and had to take it to the mechanic to fix was surprised at what happened
  • The whole car looks out of place, and dirty like a vehicle that had been abandoned for years in the clip
  • Nigerians who reacted to the video wondered how long she kept the car with the mechanic for it to look so disused

A young woman has in a video lamented the condition her car was subjected to after she gave her mechanic to work on it.

In a clip that has gone viral on Instagram, the woman said that after she asked her mechanic to work on the gearbox, he turned it into something else.

Vehicle in terrible condition

Everything in the video looks upturned. The car seat is dirty. You will think it has been abandoned for years.

When the woman opened the bonnet of the car to reveal the engine, she said that some things have gone missing in the car. The wiring in the engine is in tatters.

Watch the video below (swipe):

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