“Your bingo suplim leader they roast for Nigerian cell oooo” – Asari taunts fan who criticised his offer to secure Emouha/Kalabari highway from kidnappers

The founder of Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force and member of Biafara National Council, Mujahid Dokubo-Asari (formerly, Melford Dokubo Goodhead Jr.) who is popularly known as Asari has taunted a fan over the continued detention of British-Nigerian political activist, Nnamdi Okwu Kanu, stating “Your bingo suplim leader they roast for Nigerian cell oooo”.

The taunting was made by the Dokubo Asari Justice Foundation under a post by Asari as a response to one Joyce Nwachukwu who accused Asari of masterminding kidnappings and also offering protections to people on the Emouha/Kalabari highway – in order to cover his crime.

Asari had announced his readiness and that of the people of Niger Delta to offer protections to commuters on the affected highway against kidnappers, saying “The Niger Delta People Volunteer Force had volunteered to provide 24hrs all round the clock security and surveillance on the Emouha/Kalabari highway from Friday 13th May,2022 due to the incessant kidnapping and act of brigandage on this highway. We need cooperation and collaboration from all Kalabari/Ikwere People and other stakeholders” of which, Joyce, while accusing and condemning Dokubo on his offer wrote “You are a suspect Mr man . Na you dey attack na u dey volunteer to secure . Your antics is so cheap that it’s only the fool that will believe u”.

Thus, Asari’s foundation called out to Joyce and made the assertion.

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