E-Government – The Singapore Experience

An African adage advises us that: “Whenever the rhythm of the drum beats adjustments, you should transform the dancing motion appropriately.”

It is no more blessed expertise that Details as well as Interaction Innovation has actually introduced the whole world right into what is currently referred to as the e-world-meaning digital globe. Today Federal governments everywhere are somersaulting to change as well as re-engineer administration so regarding be extra reliable, reliable as well as clear in the arrangement of details, products as well as solutions to their people online.

The good news is Ghana has actually currently begun dancing to the song of the technical songs due to the fact that federal government has actually laid the structure for e-government by developing the federal government of Ghana internet site famously described as Ghana Website which is being taken care of by the Details Provider Division of the Ministry of Details in Accra. Federal government has actually likewise developed the Ghana-India Kofi Anan IT Centre of Quality as well as most of all, Ghana has actually created an Info Interaction Innovation structure for sped up advancement, being led by the Ministry of Communications.

However, when it involves the practicability, availability as well as use of e-government solutions by people, Ghana still has some hills to climb up as well as some rivers as well as shallows to learn. It protests this background that this author considers it appropriate to share the Singapore e-government experience with fellow Ghanaians. However, also prior to losing some light on e-government techniques as well as executions in Singapore, it might be needed to clarify what e-government remains in the starting point.

On Saturday July 31 this year, at the Johannesburg Flight Terminal in South Africa, this author encountered a team of Ghanaians on their method to Zimbabwe to participate in a publication fair because nation. After that in a graph with among them, where it was exposed that I got on my method from Singapore where I undertook a brief training program in e-government, my dialogist said loudly:

‘ Eeeee-Government!’ “What is that pet, also?” he essentially screamed automatically.

Actually, my buddy admitted that, he was listening to for the very first time the term e-government. Later on when we split business as well as he mosted likely to Zimbabwe as well as I was air-borne to Ghana, I began questioning with my psyche: “If this guy, well-read, residing in the resources city of Accra, joining a global occasion such as a publication reasonable, has not yet become aware of the term e-government till after that, after that what occurs to most of ignorant as well as much less lucky siblings as well as sis residence in robbed country areas of the nation?

Since we are residing in a globe of Understanding Monitoring (KILOMETRES) as well as Experience Sharing, I can not assert to be a professional in this area, yet the little I understand about e-government should be shown others for the advantage of all that like recognize; for the innovation of humanity as well as to the splendor of the Divine Knowledge or the First Provider of expertise itself.

The concern is: What is E-government? The United Nations specifies e-Government as “Long-term dedication by federal government to boost the partnership in between the civilian as well as the general public market with boosted, economical as well as reliable shipment of solutions, details as well as expertise.” It went additionally to clarify that there are 5 classifications of gauging a nation’s “e-gov” progression in regards to Internet Existence. This consists of: Arising – Boosted – Interactive – Transactional as well as Completely Integrated. All UN participant states have actually been contacted as well as motivated to start this e-government task as well as program.

As necessary the globe body has a means of evaluating the progression of each nation hereof. Substantially in the UN Record for this year on e-government worldwide, Singapore, a little Island City State of Land- Location of 697.1 sq kilometres with a populace of 4.185 million spirits is sharing the second setting with the magnificent USA of America with Canada conveniently resting on top of all.

Exactly how did Singapore make it to the top of e-government organization table of the globe? What techniques as well as plans were implemented; when as well as just how did that nation accomplish such a technical accomplishment over the incredibly powers of this earth of financial inequalities?


Singapore triggered on its e-government trip as much back as concerning 25 years back. In 1981, Singapore launched a computerization program of the federal government equipment. It initially developed a National Computer system Board as well as National Computerisation Strategy The Strategy was to make certain an organized development of regional IT sector; Advancement of IT workforce swimming pool; Public service Computerisation Strategy as well as the manufacturing of 850 IT Professionals.

National IT Strategy.

After the Computerisation program, the Singapore federal government launched what was described as the National IT Strategy. The National IT Strategy started what was referred to as the Starts of Computer Communications Merging. It likewise comprised what was referred to as Electronic Information Interchange (EDI), which was essentially focused on linking Federal government as well as sector. This strategy happened in 1986 that is 5 years approximately after the Computerisation Program.

IT 2000 Plan for Knowledge Island

This Plan technique that likewise began again 5 years after the
National IT Strategy in 1992 was to impact what was called Front runner Projects on the Singapore Island. It had the goals to develop a digital network connecting all collections because nation; protected framework for shopping; Specialist system for examining all developing strategies in the nation as well as most of all to develop Singapore ONE, that is, to develop one network for everybody in Singapore. It was this technique that fired Singapore as much as the setting of the globe’s initial across the country broadband framework country in the e-world.

Infocomm 2001

The following action Singapore took, after acquiring an across the country broadband framework, was to introduce what was referred to as Infocomm 2001. This task was introduced in year 2000 as well as focused on establishing Singapore right into a dynamic as well as vibrant worldwide details interaction resources, with a growing as well as thriving e-Economy, as well as a prevalent as well as “Infocomm-savvy” e-Society as well as complete telecommunications liberalisation because nation.

Linked Singapore

In 2003, Singapore federal government introduced the last assaults on its e-government program by developing what was merely referred to as Connected Singapore. This technique was to release the possibility for the complete realisation of all e-government opportunities with the Details comm task of the nation.

Quickly, the coming before actions understood in Singapore as the 5 (5) National Strategic ICT Program provide us an introduction of the technique Singapore embraced to end up being the second e-Nation in the e-World today behind Canada. The Singapore federal government has an ideology that: “Whatever solutions that can be supplied online should be supplied online” Duration.

An additional African adage advises us that, “If your browbeater that is following you does not quit, you, also, should not quit running.” As long as Ghana stays a creating nation, Ghanaians should not quit dealing with to establish as well as advance.

In the initial component of this write-up the interpretation of e-Government according to the United Nations was given. Singapore federal government utilized the UN interpretation of e-Government as an overview, yet streamlined it for very easy understanding by normal individual in the road.

According to Singapore, e-Government is using modern technology to
boost the accessibility to as well as shipment of federal government solutions to profit people as well as organizations. It explained that the recipients of e- Federal government consist of the federal government itself, organizations as well as the people of the nation worried.

Exactly how did the Singapore Federal government utilize modern technology to boost accessibility to as well as shipment of federal government details as well as solutions to individuals? E-Government Activity Strategy II (2003-2006) In order to accomplish its specified objectives the Singapore federal government created an activity strategy referred to as e-Government Activity Strategy II for the year 2003 to 2006. The vision of the Federal government was to be a leading e- Federal government to far better offer the country in the electronic economic climate.

The goal of this Strategy was to make certain “a Networked Federal government
that supplies available, incorporated, value-added e-services to our consumers; as well as aids bring people better with each other”. A motto was created therefore: e-Government- Delighting Consumers, Attaching People.

What are several of the solutions that the Singapore Federal government offers its consumers that are the people of the nation? Also prior to we discuss several of the solutions given online, shall we discover why Singapore federal government pertained to the awareness that the recipients of e-Government consist of Federal government, organizations as well as people?

It is necessary to keep in mind that within the range of e-Government, there are a number of classifications that match the wide interpretation of e-Government. For instance, e-Government makes up: A Federal government- to-Citizens (G2C); B- Government-to-Business (G2B); C- Government-to-Employees (G2E); as well as at some point D-Government to- Federal Government (G2G).

G2C: Government-to-Citizens, according to specialists, consists of all the communications in between a federal government as well as its people that can happen online. The goal of G2C is to supply people quicker, extra receptive, easier as well as much less difficult methods to civil services.

G2B: When it comes to Government-to-Business, it describes shopping in which federal government offers to organizations or gives them with solutions, along with organizations marketing product or services to federal government. Once more the goal of G2B is to make it possible for organizations to communicate, negotiate as well as interact with federal government online, with better rate as well as benefit.

G2E: Government-to-Employees consists of tasks as well as solutions in between federal government systems as well as their workers. As the term suggests, the goal of G2E is to establish as well as grow IT capacities amongst public servant to supply reliable as well as economical solutions.

G2G: Remarkably, Government-to-Government appears to have double relevance. One, G2G is claimed to contain tasks in between federal government as well as various other Ministries, Departments as well as Agencies (MDAs) of the very same federal government.

The various other significance of G2G is a circumstance in which Federal governments need to take care of their various other equivalent federal governments of various nations. This 2nd G2G in the viewpoint of specialists is secured on depend on as well as connection, which enables details sharing amongst federal governments on local, sub-regional as well as global problems.

For instance, the control of terrorism; the monitoring of cross boundary conditions like SARS, which took place in Asia a long time ago or perhaps HIV/AIDS. This G2G likewise relates to typical financial obstacles along with ethnic battles as well as problems troubles encountering West African States as an example. For Singapore federal government to accomplish the excellent e-Government standing with reliable on-line solutions shipment to its people, specific techniques were once again embraced:

I) E-Government Facilities

The federal government implemented a National Details Facilities as foundation for e-government solutions shipment. This technique was christened Civil service Facilities (PSI) in Singapore.

Physical Facilities

Federal government itself gave Web gain access to factors in practical locations such as town libraries, going shopping malls, federal government workplaces, health centers, train terminals as well as clubs as well as appropriate public locations for the people to utilize at no cost.

Innovation Facilities

Right here, the Federal government gave computer systems, web servers, networks (broadband as well as wireless), smart phones, clever cards along with modern technology criteria that are open as well as scalable such as Java, XML, Internet solutions.

Verification Facilities

Under this the federal government gave E-Government ID as well as Password for all its people. It made it simpler for really resident to recognize just how to log online as well as gain access to Federal government details as well as solutions.

II) E-Government Regulations && Plan.

Having actually implemented the needed framework for the e-government solutions to the people, the following technique the Singapore federal government embraced was the implementation of appropriate guidelines as well as policies as well as plans that regulate the application of the program.

Several of the significant policies were suggested to protect personal privacy as well as details safety; information defense, information personal privacy, computer system abuse, lawful acknowledgment of digital purchases, main control of cryptography, safety audits as well as well as criteria as well as qualification of safety techniques. Singapore’s regulation as well as code of method consist of Computer system Abuse Act; Electronic Deal Act, which was passed in 1998, attempted to specify the legal rights as well as commitments of purchase events, as well as likewise given lawful standing on using digital documents as well as trademark. The Federal government likewise gave information Security Code.

III) E-Government Providers.

After implemented ICT framework as well as regulation as well as plan the federal government after that created a site called E-Citizen Website. This internet site was to make it possible for people to ask concerns as well as obtain responses. Certain digital solutions shipments are given on this website.

Several of the solutions on this internet site consist of settlement of tax obligations as well as penalties; Issuance as well as revival of motorist’s licenses; Assisting people discover work; National projects as well as understanding development on social solutions such health and wellness as well as education and learning; Intro of Web as well as IT training programs; e-learning as well as clever card in institutions. So computer system proficiency began right from the key institution in Singapore and so on.

In the bad as well as country areas, the federal government gave totally free computer systems as well as Web gain access to factors as well as published policemans that recognize just how to run the tools to help the illiterates to take advantage of the on-line solutions.


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