Iran’s president, others confirmed d3ad in helicopter crash,

In Global News Iran’s president Ibrahim Raisi has been confirmed dead after the helicopter he was traveling in crashed in poor weather condition, the bodies of president Raisi as well as the foreign minister and others who were aboard were found on Monday morning. Some hours after their helicopter crashed in Iran following the poor weather condition in Northwest region,  the accident challenges the country senior leadership as Iran sits in the midst of heightened Regional and Global tensions on going Rescuers from the Iranian red Cent had fought through dense fog blizzards and montane terrain to reach the sites of the crash in the East arena Province on finding the wreckage they had reported no sign of Life. president Raisi’s helicopter was completely burned in the crash, unfortunately all passengers were found dead. The news of his death confirmed as been with various reactions as last month he ordered an unprecedented drone and missile attack on Israel following an alleged Israeli strike on Iran’s Embassy compound in Damascus which killed 13 people including a top commander and his Deputy, well vice president Muhammad MBA has already taken over in the meantime do stay tuned for more update.

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