Edo 2024 Governorship Election: A Joint Group Civil Society Launches Situation Room In Benin City

we have the honor and pleasure to welcome you to this inaugural interface with the Press ahead of the 2024 governorship election in Edo State a joint Society group in the state has organized a press briefing on the launch of adedo State Civil Society Situation Room the chairperson of the body Mrs Abola agaga said the initiative became necessary in view of the irregularities that have maned the election process she pointed out that the political elit have taken advantage of the loopholes in the electoral system to resort to gimix and other violent acts to have their way all over the world monitoring elections to determine their validity has become a conventional Indulgence however in Nigeria the most the post elction relevance of election observers and monitors derives validity from the disputations orations or BR that accompany the conclusion of Elections in Nigeria no doubt the CT is a primary abitor to resolve issues of disagreement between and among parties but the absurdity of theeran situation is that at the end of every election there is a plora of election cases that sometimes take over 3 years to exhaust ins situating this reality it is either that there’s something wrong with the way we Implement our Democratic process or we have the character of being bad losers in whichever way this Char manifest there is need for a social engineering perspective that will properly situate the process of our Democratic delivery or reconfigure the psychological state of our people in the way they respond to losing in an election she stressed that Ed those Civil Society Situation Room is set up to provide adequate voters education to ensure that Ado electorate make informed decision during the election she sued for the collaboration from relevant stakeholders resituated the old G of election R defs from the wrong perception of the purpose and benef benefit of elective offices to correct this anomaly requires Enlightenment campaign on the relationship between development and our iial choices these public awareness initiatives are expected to address the capacity ratio and moral content that ought to Define our choice of personal Personnel for political offices thus the situation with Ed those States will indulge in elment campaign that delivers impartation on the voting population the political elit and institutions that governs theal process leadership of the units of the joint body took turns to amplify the idea behind the initiative we have persons with disabilities who are denied of their voting rights when they come out to vote who push them away from the que by using different types of languages to qualify persons with disabilities but with a situation like this I’m sure person with disab have the coverage and what it takes now to vote we’re also calling politicians to accountability which is very important with this we shall be having meetings with the aspirants in the in due course so we shall have them to come forward to present their manifestos the body was established to add value and credibility to the electoral process in state you agree with me that there’s a high level of water aper on his part the chairman of the adate chapter of the Nigerian Union of journalist comrade fto Al loed the initiative as shorts of the Union’s collaboration as to ensure a free and fair contest as far as this for Comm current election is concerning state so on this note we sit down thereafter to see how we can release some journalist to this body that will be giving us adequate information so so I want to request that we must continue to educate our politicians in various areas to request them to campaign with issues and on the election day if we must have accurate information I think journalist will be very helpful here we have 18 local government areas Ino State we have 192 ws and all of they have poing stations therefore journalist on that day will be stationed in all parts of the state to report to their various parts various media houses representative of the Nigerian security operatives were also on the ground to pledge their support to ensure free fair and credible lectionary

process State this is coming at the right time and we theity agencies we are ready to work with you people to make sure there’s a free and fair election it means that at least most of us are going to be standing on our toes and I wish that reports from this body should not be report becoming late to the perhaps notice of relevantes so that they will be able to act while the te is ongoing as the elections are rolling on deliver anything that is going is on and we are making addresses that perhaps will Ser us better rather than asking us to go to court The Joint Civil Society is a makeup of Justice development and Peace Center Conference of non-governmental organizations African Network for environmental and economic Justice and Joint Association of persons with disability. Austin reporting for vos TV news

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