Breakings: Edo State House of Assembly has suspended three of its members

the State House of Assembly has suspended three of its members the speaker of the houseing leave this announcements during Monday’s plary session the speaker disclosed that the three members were suspended over an alleged conspiracy to impeach him and other principal officers of the assembly the suspended legislators were honorable Don OK member representing AO constituency 2 honorable ad IMU is member representing Isa Northeast constituency 1 and honorable yam member representing one constituency 2 honorable AG accused the legislator of resulting to mysticism alleging that they performed rituals in the premises of the house consequently the speaker suspended the three legislators indefinitely citing external influences aiming to topple the assembly’s leadership however the suspension sped Tomo in the house as the affected lawmakers vly protested in a chotic session they challenged speaker’s Authority demanding a vote on the matter I made the Opera the speaker abruptly adjoined the plenary as at the time of filing a this report attempts to obtain comments from the suspended members were unsuccessful. for more details contact vos tv news.

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